The PGANE Safe Appliance Installation Rebate Program demonstrates the propane industry’s commitment to consumer safety by offering a rebate for the SAFETY CHECK that is required following the installation of major household systems for hot water and central heat. The rebate program is handled by the propane marketer and applies to all SAFETY CHECKS on replacement of oil or electric units with propane. Propane-to-propane conversions and new construction are not eligible. In order to receive this rebate, your propane marketer must send in the reservation form prior to the installation of any equipment.

Your propane supplier should have the necessary rebate paperwork so be sure to ask them about the program!

If you are a propane marketer looking to download the paperwork, head over to our “Members Only” section. You will have to be a propane marketer and have an account with us to access this page. On it you will find the necessary paperwork to get your customers their rebates!