Propane Safety Resources

Gas Leak/Odor Response Pamphlet
This document provides two options for consideration, which are outlined on the following pages: one option involves the use of a combustible gas indicator (CGI) and the other involves a situation in which a CGI is not available.
Gas Leak/Odor Response Pamphlet Download
Portable Outdoor Propane Heater Safety
This fact sheet covers the basics of patio heater safety and can be shared with customers in the hospitality industry to inform management and employees of best practices. The second page can be used as a quick safety guide in employee areas.
Portable Outdoor Propane Heater Safety Download
2022 Safety Meetings Guide
PGANE has continued putting together our Annual Safety Meeting Guide. For each month there a two different safety talks which can be used in your workplace. The months consist of various topics and contain a attendance forms to keep track of the employees who are up to date with their safety training.
PGANE Safety Meeting Guide Download