Emergency Response Training classes:


The Propane Gas Association of New England offers 3-day training classes for Emergency Responders throughout New England, as well as 1-day Refresher classes.

The 3-Day Training is for industry members and first responders that have not previously taken the Emergency Response Training.  It includes two days of classroom training from a team of industry volunteers with hundreds of years of experience in propane response.  The third day is hands on including an opportunity for live fire training and leak mitigation. The cost of the 3-day training is $500.00 for industry members.  Scholarships available for first responders. 

The refresher is a one day program for industry members and first responders that have previously taken the Emergency Response Training. The refresher is required every three years to maintain the Emergency Response Certification. This day consists of half classroom and half hands on exercises.   The cost of the refresher is $200.00 for industry members. Scholarships are available for first responders.  

Our next 3-Day class is scheduled for May  15 - 17, 2018 at the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy, with the 1-Day Refresher on May 17th.

We also have a scheduled 3-Day class on September 18 - 20, 2018 at the NH Fire Academy in Concord, NH, with the 1-Day Refresher training on September 20th.

 Click here for the Registration Form for the 3-Day Class.

Click here for the Registration Form for the 1-Day Refresher Class.




PGANE Emergency Response Plan/Guide for New England


Please click to download the    Propane Emergency Response Guide Plan/Guide for New England   .